Fishing Related Articles

Fishing Related Articles

Featured below are a variety of fishing related articles which you might find interesting.

1. Bass Fishing

1.1. Rigging the versatile Zoom Super Fluke 10444
Author: Zoom Bait Company    Date Published: 22 April 2012

We have received a lot of questions here at about how to rig a fluke. Well, there are tons of creative uses for the fluke, but here a few of the more popular rigging techniques. Learn more
1.2. Knowing what size and type line to use for different baits is critical 19226
Author: Ganis Angling    Date Published: 22 April 2012

To be the best fisherman you can be, you have to know which tools are right for the job. The Line Guide sets out to provide you with the most effective fishing line choices for various lures and techniques. In this guide, we consider monofilaments, braids, and the latest generation of fishing lines, fluorocarbons. All three line types are distinctly different and have their own unique pro's and con's. If chosen properly for your presentation, you will see noticeable gains in your success. Learn more
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